May 7, 2010

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue: Fab Finds on Aloha Friday - 05.07.2010

Woohoo!  Our family received some terrificwonderful, fantabulous news at around 12:30 CST/7:30pm Hawaii time on Cinco de Mayo. (Okay, I woke up at about that time and happened to glance at Twitter on my iPod.)  My brother-in-law proposed to his girlfriend and she said YES!  I was fortunate to catch wind of the news when he broadcast a photograph of the (HUGE) ring to everyone. 

We couldn't be happier for him and his fiancee; they were meant for each other.  It took a while (11 years...), but they found each other again and we are all excited for the both of them. 

This inspired my Fab Finds on Aloha Friday today.  Now, it is common knowledge of the adage, "Something Old, Something New..." but I never really knew its meaning.  I never pass up a little educational opportunity, so I researched it online. I discovered a very thorough explanation of each good luck item, and I will not regurgitate it here, however, you can read all about it on Yahoo

The full phrase is:
"Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
And a silver sixpence in her shoe. "

In a nutshell: On her wedding day, the bride carries a token representing each of these items for good luck on her wedding day and for a happy marriage.  In all practicality, we know marriage requires more than tokens for good luck and happiness, but it doesn't hurt to help good karma come along.

So, in honor of the new couple's engagement, I present to you:

Something Old:
1:  Vintage 1950's Couture Wedding White with Silver Beading Back Bow Gown by FabVintage
This dress is fabulous (and not easy to find)!  It's elegant, it's flowing, it's just plain beautiful.  A perfect example of how some fashion can stand the test of time.

2:  Vintage Bloom Bridal Fascinator by PinMeUpCouture
This beautiful headpiece is a perfect accent to #1 up there!

Something New:
3:  White Butterfly Inspired Bow and Silk Ring Bearer Pillow by WhiteThistleBridal
Personally, I don't think the bride has to carry everything; that's why she has an entourage, right?   This elegant pillow is crafted with dupioni silk and vintage rhinestones and its centerpiece  resembles a butterfly.  Beautiful.

4:  Wide Bow Silk Dupioni Flower Girl Basket by EmiciBridal
In the same vein as #3, the flowergirl's basket is a perfect complement to the ring bearer's pillow.  Also created with dupioni silk.

Something Borrowed:
5:  Something Borrowed by ArareityJewelers
These 14K gold and aquamarine earrings are stunning.  I especially love the blue shine that emanates from the pair when light hits the stones.  Technically, one could buy it and loan it to the bride-to-be.  :)

6: Old New Borrowed Blue Sterling Silver Circle Pendant by CaoimheLily
This beautiful hand-stamped piece with a light blue swarovski crystal says it all.

Something Blue:
7:  Sky Blue Heart Filigree Sea Glass Locket by BeachGlassMemories
The filigree of the heart stands out against the spectacular blue of the sea glass!  Classic.

 8:  French Beaded Leaf Pearl and Swarovski Crystal Boutonniere by BeadsinBloom
While I love flowers, I think these boutonnieres are a lasting and beautiful alternative to fresh blooms, plus they are a keepsake for the special day.

You can find these and a plethora of beautiful handmade wedding items on Etsy. (Did I mention, it was quite difficult to compile this list?)  Please spread some good karma and check out the awesome shops above. 

Happy Aloha Friday to you  and Congratulations to my brother-in-law Troi and his bride-to-be, Narda! :) Love you guys!


Troi said...

Thanks Ate Jane! Great Fab Finds. I need to find a silver sixpence now.

Jane O said...

You're welcome! I found two pieces of silver sixpence here.

Emici Bridal said...

Beautiful! Thank you for featuring Emici Bridal!

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