July 18, 2010

All Quiet on the Midwestern Front

Well, hello y'all!  Most things crafty have been quiet here at home.  The month of June has been filled with shuttling the kiddoes to summer school, prepping for my 12-year old's birthday party, and home improvements galore.  In the middle I received a big order for earrings for a wedding party, and then all went quiet. 

I think in the back of my mind my kids and I want to be traveling like last year; but circumstances have changed and now I am consumed with how to make this month a fun one at home.

Here's a photo journal of my summer so far:

Fire Whipping at the St. Louis Renaissance Faire

Sword swallowing at the Renaissance Faire

Celebrating 12 years of life with a large dose of sugar

Enjoying a middle school band camp concert

Creating Curlicues for a wedding

Along with some pretty packaging

Building, Installing, and Painting a Trellis Privacy Wall on the deck

Braving the heat wave to paint the trellis

Crocheting Toy Story 3-inspired peas in a pod for an old friend

Watching the St. Louis Cardinals kick some Dodger butt

Witnessing Pujols in action

Summer isn't over yet.  I expect it shall get a bit more exciting soon.

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