August 30, 2010

Getting Up to Speed

Whew! That was a long blog vacation.  I'm trying to get back into the groove of things now that the kiddoes are back in school.  There was one major thing on my to-do list I had to accomplish before finally kicking it on the internet.

Fix up the basement to make it conducive to creativity. 

Does that sound like a daunting task?  Well, it is! And it is still a work in progress.

Our basement has originally been a kids' play area: filled with toys, a toy kitchen, art supplies for the kids, TV, video games, books.  By the beginning of 2010 it also contained a work desk I built with sawhorses and 2x4s that I ended up using for my laptop;  file cabinets with two printers, and bookshelves for all our books (from college, nonetheless), and a mannequin (I finally broke down and bought a jersey-covered mannequin form for photography - more on that in a bit).  Just when I thought I got it together, *ahem* someone decides to pick up a monster treadmill and totally throw off my design in the basement.  *sigh* It's getting there.

So my plan of action to return to the blogosphere was to start with Ravelry and update all my knitting and crocheting projects, including photos.  Second would be to update Etsy and get a few items in the shop.  The next task would be to get onto Flickr and update the photos, and finally move on to here.

Photographing necklaces and scarves was a pain for me.  I was never satisfied with the photos I took.  Plus, it didn't help I had no willing participants to model them for me.  So by the middle of this summer I finally splurged and bought a jersey-covered mannequin. (Who knew St. Louis was the hub for the Store Supply Warehouse?  Woohoo!)  I finally caught up on taking photos of past projects for Ravelry. Here's a taste of the knitting & crocheting projects I finally posted on Ravelry & Flickr with a little commentary of each project:

Chunky Cowl
First of all, man, this yarn was mega-super-chunkylicious. After working it up, I realized I absolutely do not look good wearing chunky yarn items. I recall something to that effect from Debbie Stoller's Stitch & Bitch book. LOL. C'est la vie. The yarn used is "Magnum" by Cascade Yarn.  I may do a giveaway for this cowl for the fall...Hmmm...

Phydeaux Twist Cowl
I bought this pattern from Phydeaux Designs on Etsy as a donation to support Haiti relief efforts. It was fantastically easy to work up! I used Lion Brand Chunky Wool Ease yarn and added those funky buttons.  This one is big enough to be a shawl for my little one.

Little Leaf Scarf
This is the second of two I made of this scarf. I screwed up the first one because I didn't know how to do provisional cast on. Duh. But I learned. The pattern is by Pam Allen entitled "Soft Linen Little Leaf Scarf." I used Classic Elite Cotton yarn.

Vintage Capelet
I made this capelet at or around the same time I made the Town & Country Capelet pictured at the end of this set. I admit, when I'm on a roll, well, I roll with it. This is from a pattern in Crochet Today magazine and I used a series of Cascade 220 Heather wools.

Cozy Cabled Cowl
This was a fabulous pattern from knotsewcute on Etsy. I used Patons Bamboo silk yarn which has a wondeful drape when I finished the project.

Town & Country Capelet
Finally, here's my 'Town & Country Capelet', crocheted with Lion Brand Homespun yarn. It's nice to wear during the fall.


I have also gotten back into the swing of creating new designs for the shop!  *sigh* It took awhile. 

Silver Lining Hoops by manoaroad
'Silver Lining' Hoop Earrings made with hammered sterling silver wire.

Swirl Earrings by manoaroad
Swirl Earrings created with moonstone rounds, olive jade briolettes, and sterling silver.
Glisten Earrings by manoaroad
Glisten Earrings made with smoky quartz drops and sterling silver.

Harmony Earrings in Blue Quartz & Peridot by manoaroad
Harmony Earrings in Blue Quartz & Peridot.

Harmony Earrings in Olive Jade & Sterling Silver by manoaroad
Harmony Earrings with Faceted Olive Jade rondelles and Bali silver flowers.

Here's to the return of the Manoa Road blog! Thank you for sticking with me.  :)


Ilene Payne said...

HI Jane! I love it all. You are so talented. Great job with all the projects. You have inspired me from the very beginning to put those crafts I love to make to some use. I especially love the shawls. Very pretty.
Because of you I've been working hard and getting things made for the up coming craft bazaar here at For Leavenworth, KS. Can't wait to see your next show. Excited.

Jane O said...

Thank you, Ilene! That means a lot to me, coming from both a fellow crafter and Islander. :)

Please take pictures of your craft show goodies! I would love to see them!

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