September 1, 2010

First Order on Spoonflower

I'm excited! 

During our last visit to Chicago, my eldest had drawn a little happy alien she named "Merth" while we ate dinner at Buca di Beppo.  It was rendered in the only drawing tool we had available: crayons given to us by the waitstaff.  Drawn on the back of the paper placemat, it was so cute I had to bring it home.  I thought it would be fabulous to try it as a print on Spoonflower.  Here's the original:

I was able to scan the image and clean it up.  I also experimented with the color, since it was drawn in red crayon.  My girl had done a really good job shading Merth and gave him a cute expression. 

Anyway, I ended up keeping the red color. I recently uploaded the fixed image on Spoonflower and it looks really cute on screen.  Here's a snapshot:

I ordered a fat quarter and I'm excited!  I hope it turns out nice.  If it looks good, I may make the design public for sale.  Spoonflower is really cool; if you decide to sell your design, you are able to make 10% from the total sale of the fabric, if a buyer purchases anything larger than a fat quarter.  Hmmmm...donations to my girl's college fund, perhaps? 

(As a side note: All images on the Manoa Road blog are reserved and not for public use without our express written consent.  Please be a doll and don't swipe the images above for your own personal use.  It is the original artwork of my 12-year-old girl. Thanks!)

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