September 29, 2010

Happy National Coffee Day!

Where have I been all morning?  My plan this morning was to add new coffee sleeves in the shop, since I had been feverishly creating some this past week.  I was working so hard on the computer, that when it was time for me to tweet my new goodies, I saw someone else's tweet regarding National Coffee Day. 

Really?  National Coffee Day? So, where in St. Louis can I find some free coffee today?

According to the Huffington Post (article here) and the Christian Science Monitor (article here), free coffee with a printable coupon is being offered at LaMar's Donuts...unfortunately, when I checked LaMar's website; their locations are a bit far from my home. (ahem...Lee's Summit, Springfield, Kansas City?)

Starbucks?  Not participating.  Boo.

Dunkin Donuts? Oooo, according to the HuffPost and the Christian Science Monitor, they've a got a coupon.  Upon a diligent search, I only found a coupon for signing up for some card.  Nah.

But I did find a Facebook page for National Coffee Day.  I RSVP'd. 

I also found a fun article from Associated Content on the blessings of java; and facts about coffee from IndyPosted.  Something about jittery goats and a man named Kaldi...check it out!

I had my morning coffee, but in honor of this new information, I had to go and pick up some iced Caramel Macchiato at my neighborhood Wired Coffee.  With whipped cream, thank you.


I've also got some new Coffee-a-Go-Go sleeves up in the shop too.  Serendipitous, honestly.  I had no clue about National Coffee Day until about 1:00pm today. 

These babies perfectly compliment your plain coffee cups. And they're reusable! :)

Pumpkin Spice.




Drink up some java today! :)

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