September 27, 2010

Marvelous Monday

It is a glorious Monday -- the skies are blue and the weather is perfect. I'm working on the shops for the holidays and perhaps have a giveaway or two before Christmas. Stay tuned! As of now, here's a sneak peek on the new beadwoven necklaces I will be posting in my jewelry shop in the next few days:

 Sakura Necklace (Red Jade Hearts woven together with Sterling Silver wire)

Charmed Necklace with a Sterling Silver Ball Chain.

Charmed Necklace with a Sterling Silver Cable Chain.

Charmed Necklace with a variation on the colors hung from a Sterling Silver Ball Chain.

My apologies for that last shot above.  My hands were not cooperating with me while taking the photos.  For some reason, it looks like an earthquake had rocked me that showed up in the last set of shots.  It was annoying after pulling the images up on the computer and discovering: (1) I need to get my eyes checked; or (2) I needed to retake a bunch of them. 

I hope you have a good Monday!

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