November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween and Keeping Up with The Karma...

*Sigh*  Halloween has come and gone.  Pfft!  Just like that.  Here's a taste of our Halloween last night:

Yeah, we had Ninja theme going on...

With the exception of my eldest. I don't know what she had going on for Halloween... hee hee.

My kids have a day off from school today.  They're all sleeping and enjoying their Halloween hangover. I'm taking advantage of the quiet, enjoying a cup of coffee and a slice of coconut cream pie, and listening to Sheryl Crow. 

"If it makes you happy," Sheryl wails.  Yes it does, Sheryl.  It makes me happy to eat pie in peace. Screw the diet. 

I'm doing a little catch up today.  I've been recognizing many creative artisans on this blog for about a year now.  Since karma works in mysterious ways, I too have had a few of my little works of art featured on some fabulous collections on Artfire, more so in the month of October than in recent memory.  I'm posting the collections here to return good karma than has been given me.

First up:
On 9/23/2010, my Scrubbie-Dub-Dub Tawashi got chosen for this cute Artfire Collection entitled "Little Eco Ways" by TieDyeSara. 

On October 17, 2010, LoveandPenguins listed my Coffee-a-Go-Go Sleeve on her lovely collection entitled "It's Not Easy Being Green."

The following day, Susan Sheehan added my 'Forest' Coffee-a-Go-Go Sleeve in her warm collection entitled "My Cozy Cabin".

Following in the desire to keep warm in our chilly weather, LizzieJoe included my 'Pumpkin' Coffee-a-Go-Go Sleeve in her collection, aptly named "Warm and Cozy."

Lastly, but most definitely not least, tinymatchboxstudio curated a Treasury inspired by the lyrics of the Bonnie Raitt song, "Workin' on a Love Letter" and included my Nested Heart Necklace on Etsy. 
Thank you so much, everyone!  Please visit the above links and peruse some handmade goodness, will you?  :) Happy 1st of November!

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