January 1, 2012

Here's to a Grand New Year! 100 Things to look forward to in 2012.

Fare thee well, 2011! This year brought us lots of blessings, one of the most important was the birth of our youngest son, Jericho Vincent.

The whole pregnancy journey yielded practically a whole year of crafty inactivity, i.e., I made diddly squat for my etsy shops or my blog or Flickr for that matter. I simply lost the motivation to make anything. It's probably because all my energy was focused on making this perfect little being in me.

But of course I still visited all the local craft supply stores.
Of course I shopped and clipped coupons.
Of course I got some cool new tools and supplies.
Of course I stocked up.
But now you know what that means. Now I have a workshop filled with organized chaos all beckoning to be made into something wonderful.

And that's what I intend to do in 2012. In the midst of raising 4 kids, no less.

In the spirit of the new year, I thought creating a lofty list of 2,012 things to do in the New Year would be ideal. But then I thought: That's as realistic as making new year's resolutions and sticking to them. One hundred would be good for now and then add to the list as the year goes on. In random order, by no means in order of importance. This is what popped in my head:

1. Take a picture a day

2. Eat oatmeal/breakfast every morning

3. Donate to St. Louis NPR during their yearly drive.

4. Master soldering

5. Clean up my workshop. Finally.

6. Finish my daughter's necklace

7. Write a review about Pinterest and tell them their site rocks but their app stinks

8. Visit the Upcycle Exchange and pick up some cool stuff

9. Attend my 20 year high school reunion in Vegas

10. The inevitable desire after the previous post: lose some weight so I don't look like a fat cow

11. Pay the mortgage

12. Buy diapers for my son at Costco

13. Buy a 7-8 passenger van; or a Chevy Traverse?

14. Reopen the Etsy shops

15. Walk every day

16. Correction: Walk at least 30 mins. a day.

17. Be a healthy example for my kids and be active.

18. Bottle up my youngest's energy

19. Go back to school

20. Research Missouri's 529 MOST plan

21. Schedule Jericho's baptism

22. Read more

23. Write on the blog more regularly.

24. Crochet.

25. Knit.

26. Make some more awesome jewelry.

27. Set up the photo station downstairs.

28. Potty train my son before he turns 1

29. Celebrate being 37.

30. Color the white hair.

31. Ooooh...Facebook timeline. Need to do that.

32. Set up my new computer for business.

33. Practice with my son his multiplication tables

34. Celebrate the hubby being 37. Bwahaha!

35. Bring the kids to the dentist.

36. Celebrate my eldest being 14. Nooooo!!!

37. Do the taxes. Boo.

38. Make sure AT&T U-verse ain't ripping me off in June.

39. Take a picture of Jericho at every monthly anniversary.

40. Donate unused craft stuff to Upcycle Exchange.

41. Eat ribs at Bogarts.

42. Get fresh fruits and veggies in the diet every day.

43. Call Mom & Dad and check on them every other day.

44. Use up the yarn stash before buying new yarn.

45. Re-surface and repaint the outside entryway.

46. Paint the foyer and fix the cracks in the drywall.

47. Rip out the carpet and install wooden flooring. Ideal!

48. Treat the wooden fencing outside.

49. Re-surface and repaint the deck.

50. Change out the back door to one that's more energy efficient

51. Learn how to take better action pictures. Okay. Just better pictures.

52. Spend less.

53. Make a workout diary on the iPod Touch to track my walks

54. Learn a new language

55. Belly laugh more

56. Stop...no, reduce, impulse spending

57. Mail out packages for the sister and parents. C'mon, Christmas 2011 is done.

58. Pick up lowercase metal stamps

59. Save more

60. Attend an outdoor show at the MUNY

61. Drive by the Way of Lights at Our Lady of the Snows this Christmas

62. Vote!

63. Renew our "Do Not Call" numbers on the national registry.

64. RCIA.

65. Ward off hubby's desire to get a third dog for as long as possible

66. Eat less

67. Consume less sugar

68. Use more coupons

69. Shred all junk mail faster so there's no stacks of junk

70. Enroll Jorryn in dance or gymnastic class

71. Try out the Guerrilla Street Food truck (the only Filipino-inspired cuisine in St. Louis City)

72. Disenroll from the Republican Party.  Don't judge. I think their performance in the last 4 years has been shitty.

73. Be more patient and compassionate

74. Be persistent to get things done. Like now. (Wow. This is harder than I thought.)

75. Coordinate FB, Twitter, and Blog when I post something new. There is a way to do that in one shot, right?

76. Exercise the brain with more Words with Friends!

77. Teach kids how to cook; i.e., make a "kid's night" where they decide the dinner

78. Teach my kids a little more independence. Especially Noha.

79. Explore more of St. Louis

80. Attend a show at the Fox Theater

81. Get more active in the local craft show scene

82. Make more awesome jewelry. (Wait. I know I said that earlier.)

83. Visit Chicago and go to Argo Tea. I missed out the last two times we visited!

84. Learn how to make sago with the arnibal base

85. Collect all old cameras and see if I can trade them in before thinking about getting a new point and shoot.

86. Don't wait until Three Kings to take down Christmas decor and lights.

87. Be more well read.

88. Get more active in the kids' school community.

89. Attend an info session at Washington University and/or Maryville University for continuing ed

90. Hmmmm...grad school?

91. Update resume.

92. Help the kids create their own school resumes. Especially Jianna.

93. Finish this stinking list.

94. Make more crafty contacts.

95. Be a better friend.

96. Love more.

97. Thank God every day for all my blessings.

98. Be healthy.

99. Drop a line to the extended family every now and then.

100. Praise God when I finish what I set out to do.

Woohoo! It's a good thing I was realistic. 

Thanks for reading.  Here's to a prosperous and Happy New Year! Ready or not, here we come 2012!

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Vera said...

Wow, 100?! I probably have that many in my head, but to jot it down on paper - forget it! Mad props to you, busy mama :)

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