January 12, 2013

Cold Weather Nesting and Hats!

I love winter time.  Although we haven't seen a bunch of the white stuff,  (It only snowed once here in the Lou this season.) we've certainly seen the temps drop.

And when the temps drop, it necessitates the use of hats!  Snuggly, warm and soft hats to keep the ears warm.  I've collected a few hat patterns from this past Halloween, mostly using fleece and felt, but certainly adaptable for the winter weather, right?

I'm pretty happy with what I made for Halloween for my kiddoes and I want to share it with you before posting up the one made just today.  I've also linked to the real patterns I've based my sewing creations on, because I found they really worked for me.

My son wanted to be Finn from Adventure Time this year.  I actually made this hat in October 2011, but my son never got a chance to wear it because we were out of town on Halloween.  Initially, I had no intention of sewing this hat, because I knew I saw it at Hot Topic at our local mall.  I checked the store and they no longer stocked the Finn Hat because it was a seasonal item.  Boo.  So, with the trusty internet, I found this Finn Hat pattern on the Frederator Studios Blogs (via Threadbanger) and sewed it up.  Sizing it for my son was through trial and error (3 times to be exact) and I ended up making three: one for my daughter, one for my son, and one for me!

Finn and Jake (That's a freehanded Jake, by the way.  No pattern.) Taken 10/2012.

If you google "Finn Hat" you can now buy the bugger anywhere.  But that's okay.  I have three sizes. Those stores don't carry three sizes.  So there.

My son knows by now that when I get into the sewing mood, it's the right time to hit Mom up for some other cool stuff.  He's really into Skyrim, so he asked me if I could make him the Dragonborn Helmet from the cover of the video game.  I searched online again and found a limited number of tutorials for this helmet.  I studied a lot of pictures and used this Basic Hat Pattern from Fleece Fun as a starting point. (Fleece Fun is a fabulous sewing website that I've bookmarked, and you should too!)  I basically drew the other elements by hand and traced them onto the fabric. It helped a lot that the fabric was quite forgiving; a premium thick gray fleece and an off-white fleece, both of which do not require hemming.


This hat is cool in a geeky sort of way.

 I'm quite impressed with how the horns came out.  Very cool.

Since I'm talking about headgear, I also wanted to include my costume for Halloween, which was not really a costume, but a hood and scarf combo. Sewn from red and brown felt, I made a wolf in Red Riding's Hood.  No pattern online for this one.  I just used a removable hood from one of my coats as a guide and attached a scarf. Easy peasy.

It also had a scarf to keep the neck warm.
Which finally brings me to this afternoon's creation.  You see the ears and horns above?  Well that's subconsciously an ongoing theme.  I googled "cosplay hats," because apparently that's where a majority of these types of hats are found online, and I discovered they are quite expensive with ears, but very easy to make.  While perusing my favorite Pinterest boards, I found an even better pattern for an adult earflap hat at Crafty Gemini .  There's also a video that was extremely helpful in sewing the parts properly.  I added my own ears and voila!

My next project is a Batman hat.  I've already got the pieces cut, but my eldest told me the forehead portion should be shaped downward, not straight across.  I may have to make some modifications.  I'm still experimenting with the ear portion too.   Stay tuned!

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