January 10, 2013

First "Ehrmagerd" Pinterest Moment of the Year

I delve into sewing whenever the mood strikes me, or if there's someone in my family who needs something that I can make on the cheap.

Like with any great craft, comes the need for organization.  And Lord knows, when you sew, you've got your fabric, your thread, your needles, and of course, your bobbins.  I thought those notches in the spool ends or grips at the end of one spool end (like the Guterman's brand) were ingenious!  It keeps the loose strand of thread from unraveling off the spool and tangling with everything else.

But why, oh why, couldn't they have thought of something similar for the bobbins?

For years on end, my bobbin storage looked like this:

How did I collect so many bobbins?

A nasty, stringy mess of thread and metal. It looks even worse when I'm working on a project.

For the life of me, I could not think of how to tame this beast! I didn't want to blow money on another plastic case. They were already in a plastic case.

Until I came across this idea on Pinterest.  Use those pedicure toe separators.

What.  What?

You know, those foam thingies you use to separate your toesies when you're giving yourself a pedicure.  I admit, I don't usually have those things in my house.  Which would eventually reveal that I don't normally give myself a pedicure...but I digress.

I happened to come across a whole bunch of fabulously colored ones at Michael's yesterday.

Lime green and watermelon, please.
And hells to the yes, I picked them up!  They came with nail files and cost about $1.00 each.  Can't go wrong with that.  Recycle the clear plastic packaging; use the nail files.  Can't go wrong.

So, to battle I went with the messy bobbins.

You shall not defeat me!
They fit perfectly in the separators - both the metal bobbins and the plastic ones!

Down with you, nasty loose thread! Just turned it counterclockwise and it was tamed.

And the loose thread?  Just rotate the bobbins until the ends are neatly tucked in.


Look at that. Doesn't that look sweet??!!!  And here they are in my sewing box.

EHRMAGERD.  Thank you Pinterest.


Anonymous said...

toFantastic! I gotta try this!

Ronnie I said...

Awesome idea, I have been sewing for too many years to count and bobbins have always been a bothersome mess. If it wasn't a public holiday here today I would be at the $2 shop now ,thanks

Flo Rida said...

Wow..One of the best ideas I have seen. Trying this tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

wow what a great idea and only cost a few dollars to do win, win

Laura said...

That is such a great idea!! I have bobbins all over the place half unraveled.

Dana said...

Great idea! You've got to submit this one to Threads sewing magazine.

Dana said...

Great idea! You've got to submit this one to Threads sewing magazine.

Anonymous said...

I have a sewing business and have the same problem with my bobbins. I am so glad I saw this and will use this idea right away!

foldemci said...

juste génial !!!!!
merci !

Germana Dema said...

Idea geniale! Domani vado a comprarli.
Brilliant idea! Tomorrow I'll buy it.

Germana Dema said...

Idea geniale! Domani vado a comprarli.
Brilliant idea! Tomorrow I'll buy it.

Dawn Gunner said...

YES!!! Now, THIS looks like a "good idea". Just had my bobbins out last weekend and searched amongst the mass for the right color. Love the easy organizing factor. Thanks for sharing!

SG said...

Brilliant off out to buy some

Cathi x said...

x x x Thankyou so much for the most simple and original and cheap idea ever.....
my bobbin mess will never be the same after I get some of these snazzy pedicure thingys...
(whats a pedicure anyway??) :-0

Ashley B said...

Admittedly, I am a sewing amateur so I love any tips I can get! I don't have a dedicated space for sewing so I javelin take all of my gear out of the closet when I have a project and in haulIng my sewing kit in and out, the bobbins always would up tangled. I too found this tip on Pinterest and now I can say from experience that this works like a charm! I recently bought a small case of extra bobbins that will neatly store a dozen in the case but the toe separator works wonders for the loose ones.

Debra O said...

Nifty idea!!

Tressa said...

An inexpensive place to find the toe separators is DOLLAR TREE or any of the "Dollar" stores - so you have a great idea that doesn't cost a lot to implement!

travlr99 said...

Use a differant color for each sewing machine so they are not mixed up! Great idea.

Margareth Keune said...

Realmente fantástico!

Elliltare said...

Cool idea! Would have never thought to do that. Great! They have some at the dollar stores here to. I am going to pick me up an armful. Ya never know when you might need them for the bobbins..or if you feel like doing your toe nails. I don't bother tho. Just keep them clean. You don't want to look at my toes! LOL!

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