January 25, 2013

My Sentiments Exactly...

With Valentine's Day rapidly approaching, I thought I would create some super cute bracelets for the special occasion along with some handmade personalized cards and envelopes to complete the package.

Check it out!  I just posted these today in the Etsy Shop. For just $20, you'll receive a personalized 3-1/2" round scalloped note card in a handmade red vellum or opaque white envelope and an uber cute handmade charm bracelet. And...FREE SHIPPING!  

The Hope bracelet is a perfect gift for someone who inspires you. 

 The bracelets come with a pewter charm and are handknotted with super strong nylon cords in a variety of valentine-inspired colors: bright red, dusty rose, burgundy, and white.
 The sliding knot closure makes these babies fully adjustable up to 7-1/2 inches.

Feeling cheeky?  Give a few, and tell a story with each card.

valentine card with bracelet

Please check them out in my shop on Etsy! Thanks for looking!

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