January 7, 2014

Happy 2014!

Happy New Year to you and yours! 

I've been back in the islands for five months now and things are *finally* settling down.  To get back into the swing of things, my daughter and I took a short trip to the The Whole Bead Show on January 3rd.  These shows don't come around the islands a whole lot, so it was definitely worth the $6.00 parking at the Blaisdell.  Normally, I have personal issues with paying a whopping six bucks for parking (hey, I have 4 kids, so $$ is tight), but for this, I made an exception.   

And, I was not disappointed.  Mommy picked up a tutorial and inspiration.

Ladder Bracelet Tutorial by AlohaBeads.

Good thing I had this 2mm bronze leather lying around. Lucky for my daughter, who is the lucky recipient of this trial.

 And these pretty sparklies!

Amethyst Onion Briolettes (perfect shade of 2014 Pantone Color of the Year)

Faceted Pyrite cubes.  Ooooo, shiny!
Faceted Black Spinel.
And some beautiful AAA Garnet.  (My birthstone!)
The onion-cut briolettes  are stones I normally can't get my hands on locally (not in St. Louis, even!).  So, when I saw them, I had to have them; to the confusion of my daughter, who thought mom got "sold."  Nevertheless, I can't wait to start designing some beautiful stuff with them. 

Thank you for sticking by me and please stay tuned for a lot of exciting cool stuff in the near future!

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